1-800-Company Assists Business Owners

Kevin Wessell is a successful business professional with executive experience in sales, finance, and marketing. In 2008, Kevin Wessell brought his expertise to the founding of 1-800-Company, an organization for which he remains an active advisor.

Offering a comprehensive line of start-up services, 1-800-Company, LLLP, provides entrepreneurs with the tools and resources needed to make their businesses successful. Available in all 50 states, Canada, and many other international jurisdictions, 1-800-Company’s services cover everything from incorporating a business and preparing tax filing status to obtaining EIN numbers and even corporate supplies. In addition, 1-800-Company assists clients with growing an enterprise through support services that help business owners build corporate credit, file for licenses and permits, and protect their personal privacy. Furthermore, 1-800-Company will handle all mandatory compliance requirements, ensuring that operating formalities are met and that new companies are functioning within established law.

Getting a company off the ground is a difficult task. The experienced staff members at 1-800-Company understand this fact. The team can make the process a little easier by offering entrepreneurs a one-stop solution to all their start-up needs.

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