Feed the Children Partners with Everlasting Life Ministries

As the CEO of Companies Incorporated and 1-800-Company, Kevin Wessell helped clients establish and develop businesses across the country. Although semi-retired now, he still serves companies in an advisory capacity. Kevin Wessell also supports the work of numerous charitable groups, including Feed the Children.

Recently, Feed the Children partnered with another charity group, Everlasting Life Ministries, to expand its program for feeding hungry children and their families to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where approximately one in five children live in conditions of poverty. By combining their resources, the partnered groups had the wherewithal to provide food and other basic necessities to 400 families there. Each family received a 25-pound box of food and a 10-pound box of personal care items.

Feed the Children’s partnership with Everlasting Life Ministries in Bethlehem represents one of many ways that the organization reaches out to counter hunger across the U.S. and abroad. Since its founding in 1979, Feed the Children has provided more than $340 million worth of food, medicine, and other supplies to those in need.

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