About Kevin Wessell

Upon graduating from Oregon State University, Kevin Wessell entered the business incorporation industry, establishing himself as a leader through over 20 years of dedication. As Chief Executive Officer of Companies Incorporated for many years, he gained valuable experience in forming corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs) and trusts for clients looking to enhance their financial protection and independence. His work consists of asset protection services and strategy development to serve the needs of clients.

In 1992, Kevin Wessell’s background in science and business management led to his employment as the Senior Marketing and Sales Representative at a large pharmaceutical and consumer products company. He garnered several accolades and was recognized as National Sales Champion. Wessell also earned the World Sales Champion award from the US Safety & Engineering Corporation.

Kevin Wessell has taken charge as CEO of several corporations, including a consultation company, to assist clients in fiscal management and corporate independence. Through seminars and consultation services, he guides business owners and trade professionals in asset protection, litigation deterrence, and real estate investment. His clients include attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, and small business owners looking to develop strategies to improve capital and ensure legal protection.

Kevin Wessell’s passion for business, finance, and investment inspired him to publish five books to guide readers looking to make good on their business potential. Aside from his professional work, Wessell makes it his mission to give back to his community and the world through various charitable contributions. Among other organizations, Kevin Wessell encourages others to support the American Red Cross, Feeding America, and United Way Worldwide.


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